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House Iconathon

There's no 'I' in team, but there's a me if you jumble it up

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Weekly House Icon Challenge!!!

This is a weekly icon challenge centered around the television show House. Each week members participate in a themed challenge based on episodes.

This contest is somewhere between a regular icon challenge and a Last Icon Maker Standing contest. Things to know about this challenge:

  1. Above all: Be respectful. ♥

  2. Participate whenever possible

  3. Vote in every challenge you can

  4. Do not post your submissions anywhere until voting closes on the challenge, it will result in disqualification

  5. Refer to Things to Note and try to keep abreast of the community goings on

  • First Place earns you 5 Points

  • Second Place earns you 4 Points

  • Third Place earns you 3 Points

  • Mod's Choice earns you 2 Points

  • Voting in the challenge earns you 1 Point

  • (Promoting community in your journal gets you 1 point)

  • (Promoting community in your profile gets you 2 points)

  • There will also be bonus rounds which will earn you 1 point just by entering. After that, standard point system applies

  • Episodes 1-3 Challenge ends Sunday July 6

  • Episodes 4-6 Challenge ends Sunday July 13

  • Episodes 7-9 Challenge ends Sunday July 20

  • Episodes 10-12 Challenge ends Sunday July 27

  • Episodes 13-15 Challenge ends Sunday August 3

  • Episodes 16-19 Challenge ends Sunday August 17

  • Episodes 20-22 Challenge ends Sunday August 24

  • Season One Winner Announcement on Wednesday August 27

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